Sunday, 21 January 1900
  • Open: 08:00-19:40. Entrance fee: 8€.
  • Located in the medieval town in the building of the hospital of the Knights.
  • There are many pieces found in the ancient towns of Kamiros, Ialyssos, Lindos and the ancient town of Rhodes from all ages.
  • Main entrance leads to an open place with the marble lion and the mosaic floor of the Old-Christian church of the 5th century.
  • In the upper floor there are also sculptures of the ages of the Knights.
  • Very impressive statue of marine Afrodite, that was found in the sea.
  • Marble head of Helios, that was found where temple of Helios was.
  • Afrodite of Rhodes, marble statue, copy of the Afrodite of the sea.


Archeological museum

Archaeological museum